We are the UK and EIRE importers and distributors for this Calcium Cyanamide fertiliser. Perlka, 20% nitrogen and 50% Calcium Oxide, has been manufactured since 1908 by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH in Bavaria and has an extensive researched history.

Perlka combines calcium and nitrogen and has very low leaching risks which is particularly well suited for use in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. It is uniquely capable of stimulating benign soil microbes to the detriment of more pathogenic forms. Oil seed rape growers find this combination of attributes especially valuable particularly for autumn sown crops where clubroot and sclerotinia may be an issue.

The unique bio-control properties of this fertiliser have been used by vegetable growers to enhance crop health and improve yields. Further trials are ongoing with potatoes in the UK and on wheat in Germany.


A broad-spectrum disinfectant highly effective against human pathogens with clearance to be used not only on hard surfaces, but also as a post-harvest or pre-packing wash for most fruits and vegetables. Boot is bio-degradable, leaves no residues and is not phytotoxic when used correctly.


(Permitted for use within organic farming systems)
The first CO2 foliar fertiliser based on natural limestone, which can be used to achieve an enhanced yield outdoors in the same way as under glass. Lithovit contains numerous trace elements which have a direct beneficial impact on the plant’s entire metabolism. The combination of these effects improves plant vitality and tolerance to stress conditions such as drought, cold and other physiological problems. Lithovit improves crop yields, quality and storage properties. It is easy to use being sprayed on the crop where it is easily absorbed through the leaf stomata.



Flaked Calcium Oxide which can be spread using farm equipment. It is ideal for small ‘patch’ applications. Used in conjunction with Perlka in areas of high clubroot contamination, the two products work synergistically to reduce pathogen levels.


A corn-starch superabsorbent which can hold up to 400 times its weight in water and nutrients. It works like a ‘sponge’ and is ideal for crops such as potatoes. Zeba keeps the soil moist, minimising soil crusting, allowing more even germination of small seeds.


A Super Spreader and Super Penetrant. An innovative, yet well proven surfactant available in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Originating from Australia this particular formulation of Potassium Phosphite (0 – 32 – 29 % by volume) is being widely used in the vegetable industry. Derived from pure sources of potassium hydroxide and phosphorous acid with low chloride content and neutral pH.

The results speak for themselves